Crabtree - Burnett Bible Record

It is unknown when this Bible Record was started, possibly in the mid to late 1930's.  It is certain that none of the dates were entered at the time of the event except for those that occurred after the 1930's.  There are a number of errors in this record which were discovered during the years of research for this genealogical study.  However, the document was a valuable road map without which much of this essay would never have been completed nor perhaps even started.

Most of the errors were related to given names which is not unusual.  The given name of many people is not the one they are known by nor the one they use on a daily basis.

  Several of my cousins and I have looked in vain to document Becky Star Grey Wolf, the "Full Blood Cherokee".  Stories abound, but not a shred of evidence, not to mention proof.


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