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Jacob Shipman
Last Will & Testament
Proved in open Court January term 1795

In The Name of God Amen.  I Jacob, Shipman of Rutherford County in North Carolina being in Low State of bodily health but of sound mind and memory considering the frailty of Nature and Uncertainty of this present Life Do Make this as my Last Will and Testament  First and above all things My love I give Unto God That gave it And my body I commit to the Dust from whence it came to be buried with a Deacent Christian burial and as for my worldly Estate with which the Lord has been pleased to^bless me I give and bequeath In the following manner Viz.

I give All my Estate Real and personal to Sarah my beloved wife Dureing her Life to Raise and Educate the Children at her Discretion and after her Death to be Eaqually Devided among the Children as follows To John Shipman ^my son I give five Shillings and to Elisabeth Burleson my Daughter five Shillings and to Edward Shipman and Abraham Shipman and Daniel Shipman and Isaac Shipman and Jacob Shipman and Simon Shipman and James Shipman and Matthew Shipman my Sons five Shillings Each to be paid to them when they arrive to the age of Twentyone years or when they Marry and it is my will and Desire that at the Decease of Sarah my beloved wife that what Remains of my Estate Real and personal be Eaqually Devided among all all (sic) my Sons Last mentioned and if what I have allready given to John Shipman my son and Elisabeth Burleson my Daughter Shall not be judged and Eaqual Share with the Rest that it be made up to them out of the Estate And I do hereby Make Ordain Constitute and appoint Sarah my beloved wife Executrix and Edward Shipman My Brother Executer of this my Last Will and Testament In Witness Whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this Ninth Day of November (Appears to be November, could be December, document is torn here.)

Anno Dom one thousand seven hundred and Ninety four

Signed and Sealed in the Presents of                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               {Seal}

Tim(othy) Riggs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   his

Davidson                                            proved
Jacob 0 Shipman
Simon Kuykendall 

On the reverse side of the document is a notation:       Will of Jacob Shipman Probate Jany 1795


 This document was copied carefully  using original (lack of) punctuation, capitalization, and  spelling as closely as it could be deciphered.  Any portion that I could not read is annotated with a guess or a question mark


 SHIPMAN - English            1.             Occupational name for a shepherd, ME schepman, from OE scap, scp  - sheep +  man.
                                                              See also SHEPPARD.
                                              2.             Occupational name for a mariner or occasionally perhaps for a boat builder, ME  schipman, from OE
                                                               scp   ship  + man.
                                               3.             Also German, Flemish.


 Deed Abstracts[2]

 ROBERT HUMPHRIES of Tryon Co., Yeoman for 170 pd. by ABRAHAM KUYKENDAL of same, yeoman...Land on Buffalo Creek, 333 A...ROBERT HUMPHRIES (H) (SEAL),

Wit:  TIMOTHY RIGGS, Jurate:  ROBERT MCMINN, DANIEL SHIPMAN.  Recorded Jan. term 1771.               Pg. 347-348


5 Jan 1772, DANIEL SHIPMAN of Tryon Co., to ABEL LEE of same for s 5 sterling... land on both sides middle fork of sandy Run, 100 A... DANIEL SHIPMAN (D) (SEAL) Wit:  ROBERT LEE, JEREMIAH GATE (X).  Rec Oct Term 1772        Pg. 663.

 GEORGE SEALEY of Rowan Co., bound unto MOSES CRAWFORD of smae for 500...14 May 1774... the condition of this obligation is to clear title for 300 A on Jacobs river bought of WM. REED...GEORGE SEALY (G) SEAL, Wit:  TIMOTHY RIGGS, EDWARD SHIPMAN.  Rec. July term 1774.  Pg. 9, Vol II.

 12 Sept 1774, DANIEL SHIPMAN of Tryon Co., to THOMAS REYNOLDS JR. of same for 150 proc. money... 200 A on both sides Sandy Run, N side Broad River...DANIEL SHIPMAN (L) (SEAL), Wit:  TIMO. RIGGS, SAMUEL GRAY.  Rec. Oct. term 1774. Pg. 92-93, Vol II.

 18 Apr 1775, ABEL LEE, SENIOR of Tryon Col, to THOMAS WELCH of same, yeoman, for 54 proc. on middle fork of Sandy Run of Broad River, granted to DANIEL SHIPMAN, 5 Jan 1772...100 A..ABEL LEE (A) (SEAL), Wit:  TIMO. RIGGS, WILLIAM REYNOLDS (M).  Rec Apr. term 1775.    Pg. 168 & 169, Vol II.

 4 May 1775, ROBERT LEE of Tryon Co., to JOHN MC INTIRE of same, for 50 NC money...200 A on S fork of Sandy Run of Broad River...ROBERT LEE (SEAL), Wit:  JACOB SHIPMAN (A), TIMO. RIGGS. Rec. Oct. term 1775.         Pg. 209-210.

 Note:  Timothy Riggs, a witness to Jacob Shipman's will, was a witness to many of these transactions.

 From North Carolina Taxpayers in 1782 in Rutherford County there are Daniel, Edward and Jacob Shipman.  Daniel Shipman is either the father or the brother of Edward and Jacob.  In the 1790 Census for Morgan District of Rutherford County, there were three tithable Daniels, one of whom may have been Jacob and Edward's father.

 G:266, No 828  N.C. Grant No. 182  Caswell to EDWARD SHIPMAN for 10 pds. every 100 a., tract of 100 a. on Sandy Run Adj. JACOB SHIPMAN near THOMAS REYNOLDS.  9 Aug 1787.[3] 


 Edward Shipman married the widow of Thomas Osteen, Sallie Williams.  P. 42

 There was another Edward Shipman came among the early settlers. For several years he had lived in that section of old Tryon County where the boundary line between North and South Carolina had not been settled, and in close proximity to the Kuykendall family.  There was also in that same section one Jacob Shipman who in 1779, signed the marriage bond of John Kuykendall.  A son of Edward Shipman, Jacob who was born in 1808, married Esther Byers.  Their son , Thomas J. Shipman, was born November 29, 1840, and married Mis Haseltine Allen,m a grand daughter of George Allen...... Pg. 50

 Abraham Kuykendall had a tavern on Mud Creek, Henderson County, N.C. about 1804....  Pgs. 47, 173, 204, 214.


Deed Book 1A,1797-1798, Page 53:[5]

                 Will of Daniel Shipman (Sr.), dated November 8, 1798.  Mentions Negro man Dick and Negro woman named Beck, his children Sarah Harrington, Edward Shipman, the heir of Jacob Shipman, Anner Lee, Daniel Shipman, Lucrecey Gage, Festry Crawford, Rebecca Siscoe, and Mary Johnson.  Also mentions wife Feeby Shipman and her two small children Temperance Shipman and David Shipman. 

                Executors:                              Daniel Shipman, Robert Lee, Isaac Crawford. 

                Witnesses:                                            Thomas Downs and Fanny Downs.

 Comment:  We haven't a clue as to why Daniel Shipman was in Warren County, Kentucky.

 Revolutionary War Service

 Jacob Shipman[6] (as were Toney and Asa Shipman) was a Private from 20 July 1778 for a period of 9 months in Quinn's Company of Colonel Abraham Shepard's 10th Regiment.

Jacob Shipman[7], born circa 1746, died after November 19, 1794, married to Sarah  [McMinn], Private, North Carolina.

                Daniel Shipman, born 1747, died 1810, married Elizabeth McMinn, Captain, North Carolina.

                 James Shipman[8], born 6-13, 1751, died1-4-1844, married Lucy ______, Captain, North Carolina.

                 Shipman, Jacob[9], Ebenezer Church Cemetery, Hiway 64 East of Edneyville, Henderson       County, N.C., grave located 1985.

North Carolina Census

                                                                                                                                First Census of the United States - 1790

                                                                                                Morgan District, Rutherford County, North Carolina                                                                                                                                   

                                                                                                Free White Males                                                Free                                                        Free

                Name of Head                       >= 16 Yrs. Incldng                White Males                                        White                                     All

                of Family                                                                Head of Family.                                                    <16                                          Females                  Others                    Slaves                    Co.

                Rigs, Timothy                                                                       6                                                                                              1                                                                              2                                                              0                                              0                              11th

                Shipman, Danl                                                      2                                                                                              2                                                                              4                                                              0                                              0                              11th

                McMin, Robt                                                                        1                                                                                              4                                                                              4                                                              0                                              0                              11th

                Shipman, Jacob                                                    1                                                                                              7                                                                              2                                                              0                                              0                              11th

                Shipman, Danl,Jr.                                 1                                                                                                              3                                                                              4                                                              0                                              0                              11th

                Shipman, Danl,Sr.                                 1                                                                                              1                                                                              1                                                              0                                              2                              11th

                Shipman, Edwd                                                     3                                                                                              5                                                                              4                                                              0                                              0                              14th

From the 1790 Rutherford County Census, 11th Company, Morgan District, we can make several deductions in connection with Jacob's will.  There was one free white male greater than 16 including the head of family, which would have been Jacob, and there were 7 free white males under 16, which indicates that one of the male children was born after 1790, probably Matthew if the children were listed in birth order in the will.

Second Census of the United States - 1800

Age Range
















































                *This appears to be Jacob Shipman's brother, Edward, mentioned as co-executor to Jacob's Last Will and Testament probated in January 1795  P. 188, Morgan District, Buncombe County, North Carolina, M32-29.

                @This appears to be Jacob Shipman's oldest son, John who was willed five shillings in Jacob's will..  P. 145, Rutherford County, North Carolina, M32 -33

 The 1810 North Carolina Census listed the following Shipmans:

                                Shipman, Daniel, Bladen, P.209; Shipman, Edward, Beaufort, P. 94; Shipman, Hezekiah, Beaufort, P. 84

 Notes on Jacob Shipman's Children

 Of the ten children listed in Jacob Shipman's will, we can assume that John and Elisabeth were probably of age or at least married and that the eight other sons were under twenty one and not married.


John Shipman                                      Assumed to be 21 or greater in 1794.  Probably born before 1773.
Elisabeth Burleson[10]                         Assumed to be 21 or greater in 1794.  Probably born before 1773.

                                                                Burlingson (sic), James & Elizabeth Shipman 12/24/1791; Jacob Shipman,                                                                                                                Bondsman.

Known Children of Elizabeth Shipman and James Burleson.


                                                Aaron married Minerva Jane Seaton, 8-21-1838, Hardeman County, TN

                                                                2nd Jane Tannehill

                                                Edward born 1793, married Sarah Owens in Alabama in 1813

                                                Jacob married Elizabeth ------

                                                James, Jr. married 1st (?)

                                                                2nd Ann Elizabeth Earpe

                                                Sarah married Robert T. Thrasher

                                                John married Rebecker Bell

                                                Volley married Ezekiel Owens

                                                Nancy married Joseph Rodgers

                                                Rachael married James Rodgers

                                                Mary married Martin Taylor

                                                James Burleson, Sr.[11] married 2nd Mary Christian July 9, 1834, Bastrop, Texas, at age 76.  They had a daughter, Elizabeth Burleson, married Charles Brooks.  James Burleson, Sr., son of Aaron Burleson, was born in North Carolina, May 4, 1758.  He served in the Creek War, was a commissary to for Andrew Jackson, and fought in the battle of New Orleans in 1815..  He migrated from  North Carolina, to Tennessee, then to Alabama, on to Missouri, then back to Tennessee until 1827, and then Mina (later Bastrop County) Texas.  where he received a land grant on the east bank of the Colorado River below present Bastrop.  In December, 1835, he participated in the Grass Fight. under his son General Edward Burleson.  James Burleson died January 3, 1836.

 Edward Shipman seen in 1850 Census in Henderson County, N.C., age 73, born circa 1777, with wife Hannah, age 70.

Abraham Shipman

Daniel Shipman                                   A Daniel Shipman in 1860 Arkansas Census, Newton County, P. 966, Mill Creek Township

Isaac Shipman                                      Estimated to be about age 7 at time of fathers death.  Birth date is 1788 as per 1850 Census Montgomery County, Arkansas, has daughter named Sarah and Elizabeth Shipman married Rheas Crabtree.

Jacob Shipman                                     A Jacob Shipman in 1860 Arkansas Census, Carroll County, P. 821, Hickory Township

Simon Shipman  

James Shipman                                   A James Shipman in 1860 Arkansas Census, Carroll County, P. 819, Hickory Township

Matthew Shipman.                               A Matthew Shipman in 1860 Arkansas Census, Searcy County, P.826, Bear Creek Township



 5-1-1806 Citizens of the extension of Jackson County petition for a new county (Overton County?)..."beginning at the south west corner of Jackson where it may interesect Smith then east to the Standing Stone or opposite the same, thence south to the eastern half of the Tennessee Ridge, thence west on the said Ridge to interesect Rutherford or Wilson County or where you in your wisdom may deem best.

                                                                                                                22 Jul 1806 (3 pages)

                 Signed:                                   Jacob Shipman[12], et al

 24-3-1813               The "petition and remonstrance of the undersigned Citizens of this State" regarding a negro man, Jesse, "the property of Col Geo W. SANDERS, an inhabitant of White County..."  Jesse was apprehended, charged and tried in Rutherford County for stealing the property of Samuel SMITH of Rutherford County.  Jesse was found guildy and executed.  Since that time, the petitioners have found reason to believe that the charges were incorrect, the trial prejudiced and Jesse was innocent.  The petitioners ask recompense for Col Sanders' loss.

                 Signed:                                   Isaac Shipman[13], et al

 In the 1820 Tennessee Census in Perry County in western Tennessee, bordering on the Indian Lands, there are three Shipmans, two Isaacs and one Jacob.

 In the 1830 Tennessee Census in various western counties we see David Shipman in Henry County, George W., Denton, Isaac D., Jacob, and Samuel in Henderson County, and another Isaac in Hardeman County.  Refer to Census Abstracts.

 In the 1830 Census, Hardeman County, Tennessee, we see Isaac Shipman with one son under 5, 3 sons between 10 and 15, and one son under 20 and Isaac under 40.  There is one daughter under 5, one under 10 [we assume this is Elizabeth Shipman] and Isaac's wife under 50.


 In the 1840 Census, Hot Springs District, we see along with Rees Crabtree and his wife Elizabeth Shipman Crabtree, Isaac Shipman, Jacob Shipman, and Samuel Shipman.  At this time Isaac Shipman still has 1 son under 15 and 3 sons under 20 at home, plus 1 daughter under 10 and 1 daughter under 15 and his wife under 60.

 IsaacShipman is listed in the 1850 Montgomery County Census along with his daughter Sarah.  Nearby are his sons Edward, Jacob, and Samuel plus Rheas Crabtree and Elizabeth Shipman Crabtree.  In the 1840 Hardeman County, Tennessee census, we note that Isaac Shipman had 4 sons and 3 daughters.  So far, we have not been able to identify by name one son and one daughter.

 Comment:  A Descendancy Chart from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, labeled (8RLD-B3) lists Jacob Shipman as the third child of Daniel Shipman and Isaac Shipman as the fifth child of Jacob.  Sarah Gage McMinn is listed as the wife of Jacob.  Sarah may have been a second wife.  There is a Sarah Shipman listed in the 1830 Buncombe County, North Carolina Census, age 60-69, giving a birth date between 1761 and 1770.  The 1790 Census shows Jacob with seven white males less than 16 which indicates the youngest would have a birth date on or after the year 1776.  When Jacob died, before January 1795, he implied in his will that his son John and Daughter Elizabeth were 21 years of age and/or married and that Edward, Abraham, Daniel, Isaac, Jacob, Simon, James, and Matthew were minors and unmarried.  Since we know that Jacob had nine sons, and only seven noted in the 1790 Census, at least one of these sons was born after the Census.  The Will may or may not have listed the sons in order of birth.  The Descendancy Chart lists the sons in a different birth order.  Isaac Shipman's birth year was 1788.


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