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Halifax County, Virginia

The following notes are compiled from various references found at the Carlsbad City Library.

Halifax County was created from Lunenburg County, Virginia in ; 1752.  Pittsylvania County was created from Halifax County in 1766.

On one hand there seems to have been several William Russells in the ancient Lunenburg and subsequent Halifax County.  There is other evidence to support the notion that there was only William Russell, Sr. and William Russell, Jr.  The confusion arose for me with the William Russell from Amelia County.

Much of what I have copied may not pertain to our William Russell, but I am certain that much of it does.  I have transcribed nearly everything I have found with the hope that it will be more meaningful with further investigation.  In fundamental genealogical research, we always work from the present to the past and it becomes a problem to present the material in chronological order from the past to the future.  Mainly, because the research is never completed, it is difficult to know from at what point in the past to start.

The Lunenburg Deed and Order books are well documented and it seems curious to me that there is not more mention of William Russell deeding property to his children other than Buckner Russell.  He may have and I have not been able to locate the records.

There were a number of other Russells in this area in the early 1700's.  Namely Jeffrey, Phillip, John, Philemon, Robert, Richard, and Nathaniel.  Most of these were listed in Lunenburg County Court Orders (1746-1748).  However, I was not able to establish any relationship that would confirm that they were relatives of our William Russell.  Most of them were in the eastern part of Lunenburg County which is now Mecklenburg County.

One of my objectives in this investigation was to establish that Anne Russell was nee Anne Buckner.  I had no luck at all.  An Anthony Buckner was found and also a Buckner Stith.  Buckner Stith was a Russell neighbor listed in the Land Patent records.  This may be a clue for further research.

List of Tithes[1]

P. 78.                       List of Tithes taken by William Caldwell, 1748, (Vicinity of Cub Creek)
                                William Russell                                     1

P. 220.                     Cumberland Parish, Thos. Bedford, Gent.,

                                List of Tithes, land, and wheel carriages for 1764.

                                                Name                                                      Tithes     Land

                                William Russell

                                William Russell, Jr.                                               5          1210 A

Lunenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1746-1752[2]

P. 1.  May 5, 1746, from Anthony Pouncey of Lunenburg to John Owen of Goochland County, 318 acres on south side of Stanton River, of which 1) 137 acres which was patented to John Russell on Feb 1, 1738, 120, land bounded by Clover Creek, 2) 281 acres on south side Stanton River patented to John Russell Feb 1, 1738.  Signed:  Anthony Pouncey.  Witnesses:  Jos. Perrin, John Gwin, Richard Womack.  Recorded:  May 5, 1746.  Lucy, wife of said Anthony, relinquished dower.

P. 315.  Dec 15, 1747, from John Owen of Lunenburg to James Cocke of Henrico County and Parish (name of parish not stated), 520, two tracts totalling 418 acres on south side of Stanton River, 1) 137 acres which was patented to John Russell on Feb 1, 1738 bounded by the mouth of Clover Creek and 2) 281 acres on south side of Stanton River which was patented to John Russell on Feb 1, 1738.  Signed:  John (IO his mark) Owen.  Witnesses: John Twitty, John Gwin, John Owen.  Recorded: Apr 4, 1748.

P. 96.  Jun 5, 1749  from John Russel (Russell) of Grandville County, North Carolina, to Peter Willson of Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg, 40, north side Dan River, about 345 acres, bounded by William Beane.  John (I his mark) Russell.  Witnesses:  Abraham Ardin, William (W his mark) Hogan, Redmond Fallan, Joseph Moor, Robert (R his mark) Wilkins.  Recorded Jul 3, 1750.

P. 258.  Oct 1, 1751, from William Russell of Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg, to Radford Maxy (Maxey) of same, 150, land in what was Bruswick County and is now Lunenburg, on south side of Stanton River, bounded by Richard Ward, 300 acres.  Signed:  William Russel.  Witnesses:  M Stanfield, William Thomas, Hugh Moore.  Recorded Oct 1, 1751.

P. 434.  Dec 11, 1751, from Henry Sizemore of Lunenburg, to William Rusel (Russell) of Amelia County, for 6, 195 acres patented to Sizemore at a place known by the name of the Read Banks, and bounded as per the patent.  Signed:  Henry Sizemore.  Witnesses:  William Gent, Richard Eckhols, William Douglass, William V Carley.  Recorded:  Apr 7, 1752.

Lunenburg County, Virginia land Pattents[3]


Patent No.











William Russell

Both sides head branches of Difficult Creek

William Roy







William Russell

South side of Bannister River

Alexander Nelson





William Russell

Branches of Double and Tobey Creek








Jefferis Russell

Head of Pine Creek

Vaughn, Macklin






Philemon Russell

Head of Miles Creek

Jeffrey Russell




There may have been two William Russell's in what was then Lunenburg County and is now Halifax County.  The William Russell mentioned in Patent Number 34-448 above is definitely our William Russell.  The land location and description is mentioned in a deed to his son Buckner Russell.  Therefore, since the neighbor listed in the patent is "Self", it seems that Patent Number 34-295 is also in the name of our William Russell because it is sited as south side of Bannister River.  Both these lands are located in the south west corner of present day Halifax County.  The land located by patent 34-395 above is approximately in the center of Halifax County, about 15 to 20 miles north east from our William Russell.  He was about 35 years old in 1759, so it is ulikely that his son William would have been too young to receive patents at that time.

The Philemon Russell Patent on Miles Creek is in present day Mecklenburg County immediately east of Halifax.  Although I could not find Pine Creek on the map, it is assumed that it too is in Mecklenburg County because Philemon Russell's neighbor was Jeffrey Russell and I am assuming that Jeffrey and Jefferis are one and the same person.

I have no clues as to a relationship between these Russells, if any.

Halifax County Court Orders[4]

Halifax Order Book 2, Part 1

May 16, 1755Court Present....Hugh Moore....

Page 17. Ordered that George Abney, Thomas Prewit, and William Russell, do view the way from Hunt's Ferry to the said William Russells.

Page 28. On the motion of William Russell, his ordinary license is renewed, he giving bond and security in the Clerk's office.

Page 38. William Russell, Plaintiff, vs Robert Sims, Defendant, In Case.  Griffith undertakes for the defendant that if he is cast in the plea aforesaid, he will play Court costs or render his body to the prison, or that said Dickerson will pay Court costs or render the body of the defendant to prison.

Page 47. William Russell and George Abney, 2 of the persons appointed to view the road from Hunts Ferry to Staunton to said Russell{s}, returned a report.

Oct 16, 1755                           Court Present:       Hugh Moore, Thomas Dillard, Sherwood Walton, & Robert Jones, Gent.

Page 68. William Russel and Ann, his wife proved an acct for 4 17 & p4 half penny against Matthew Forester.  Also an acct against Simon Evans for 2 & p2 half penny. OC

Page 68. A deed from James Wood & John Phillpott to William Russell, was acknowledged by said James Wood.

Page 72. A deed from James Wood and John Phillpott to William Russell was acknowledged by said Phillpott.  Mary, wife of the said Phillpott, relinquished her right of dower to the land.

Page 94. William Russell, Plaintiff, vs Robert Jones, Defendant, In Debt.  Dismissed, defendant not being arrested.

Page 94. William Russell, Plaintiff, vs George Sizemore, Defendant, In Debt.  Dismissed, defendant not being arrested.

Page 113.               Ordered that William Carely, Robert Perkins, and William Russell, do view the best and most convenient way from the Cow Ford Bridge into Russell's Road and to intersect Hunts Ferry Road.

May 20, 1756 Court.

Page 126.               The former order made here for William Carley, Robert Perkins, and William Powell, to view a road the best and most convenient way from the Cow Ford Bridge into Russell Road and to intersect Hunts Ferry Road not being performed, is discharged.  Further ordered that William Carely, William Russell, and William Powell view the aforesaid.

Jun 18, 1756.

Page 154.               James & Robert Donald & Co., Plaintiffs, vs William Russell, Defendant, In Debt.  Dismissed, the parties having agreed.  Nathaniel Terry, Gent., undertakes to pay costs for the defendant.

Page 186.               Ordered that William Russell's ordinary license be renewed.

May 19, 1757

Page 203.               William Powell, William Careley, and William Russell report that they viewed and marked a road from said Russell's to the Cow Ford the best way.  Said Powell is appointed surveyor of said Road.  Ordered that Joseph Shaw et al be his gang, and that they keep the same in repair.

Halifax County Deed Book 7[5]

63,  p. 139. 6 Feb, 1768.  from John Scurlock of Antrim Parish, Halifax County to George Brown of same for 30, 125 acres whereon said Scurlock now lives, being part of patent dated 3 March 1760 to Richard Anderson, Paulin Anderson, & John Watkins, & by them conveyed by deed to William Echols & by him conveyed by deed to said Scurlock, on the south side of Banister River, beginning at a beech tree at Owen Brady's corner, close on the river side at the mouth of a small branch, up the meanders of the branch on Brady's line .... William Russel's line .... Richard Anderson's corner thence his line ... dividing line to said Broomstraw Branch as it meanders to the river & down said river to the beginning.  All appurtenances.  Signed:  John (J) Scurlock, Ann (+) Scurlock (his wife).  Witnesses:  James Brown, George Stubblefield, Leannah (x) Lovelace.         Recorded 21 July 1768.

164.  p. 365.15 June 1769.  Owen Brady and Betty, his wife of Halifax County, to Thomas Farmbrough of same for 20, 200 acres on branches of Banister River, being part of 400 acres formerly patented to said Brady, beginning at Anthony Buckner's[6] corner pointers, thence north crossing two branches to a red oak Fambrough's corner & line south ... Buckner's dividing line to the beginning.  All appurtenances.  Signed:  Owen Brady.  Witnesses:  None.  Recorded 15 June 1769.

229.  p. 495.  19 April 1770.  from William Watkins and Mary, his wife of Halifax County, to John Bomar of same, for 20 and other divers good causes, Antrim Parish, Halifax County land, 100 acres, plus or minus, being part of 200 acres sold by William Russell to William Watkins by deed dated 1765, beginning at a white oak at the ford of the road, thence along said road to Richard Dudgeon's lines to the run of Terrible Creek thence up said run to beginning.  All appurtenances.  Signed:  William Watkins, Mary (x) Watkins.  Witnesses:  None.  Recorded:  19 April 1770.  Relinquishment of dower by Mary, wife of William Watkins.

234.p.  504  19 April 1770.  Alman Gwinn of Halifax County, to Anthony Buckner of same, for 43 shillings, 6 acres, plus or minus, part of a tract sold by Stephen Cocke, beginning at a marked hickory & white oak on the east side of Anthony Irby's Mill stone road by a line of mark'd trees ... same side of the road in Anthony Buckner's entry thence along the entry to his corner pine...All appurtenances.  Signed:  Alman Gwinn.  Witnesses:  None.  Recorded 19 April 1770.

Halifax County Deed Book 9[7]

Page 70. To John Armistead, Walker Taliaferro, Samuel Haws, and William Buckner of Caroline County, Gentlemen, Greeting.  John Gibson, by his deed of Feb 17, 1772 conveyed to John Pulliam about 500 acres of land in H{alifax}.  Susannah, the wife of the said John, cannot conveniently travel to our county court to make acknowledgement of the deed.  You are therefore authorized to go to Susannah to receive her acknowledgement.  Signed Sep 17 in the 12th year of our Reign - Robt Munford, Cl.

                We this day examined Mrs. Gibson, wife of John Gibson, and she acknowledges the deed.  Certified Oct 8, 1772 - John Armistead, Saml Hawes Sr.

                The dedimus was recorded May 20, 1773.

Page 82. Jun 15, 1773 from William Russell of Antrim Parish, H{alifax}, planter, to Buckner Russell of same, for 20, a certain tract of land of about 100 acres in H{alifax} on both sides of Tobie Cr{eek}, being bounded by [trees].  Signed - William (R his mark) Russel.  Wit - Geor Carter, Caleb Dodson, Jacob (+ his mark) Light.  Recorded June 17, 1773.

Page 284.               Dec 10, 1773 from William Russell of H{alifax}, a planter, to Jacob Light of H{alifax} on the south side of Tobies Cr{eek} of Dan [River], being bounded by said Russel's lower survey, Joseph Slayden, Elish Dodson, Wynnes old Road.  Signed - William (R his mark) Russell.  Wit - Richd Carter, John Light, William (+ his mark) Light.  Recorded May 19, 1774.

Page 390.               Jan 26, 1775 from Buckner Russell of H{alifax}, to William Carter of Prince Edward County, for 75, 8 shillings, all that tract of about 188.5 acres of land in H{alifax} on both sides of the creek known by the name of Great Tobey Cr{eek}, it being part of a tract of land belonging to William Russell, and by him conveyed and given to his son, the aforesaid Buckner Russell, & bounded by John Lawson, the said William Russell, Alexander Douglass, Ralph Griffin.  Signed - Buckner Russell.  Wit - John Bates, John Carter, Thos Carter.  Rachael, the wife of the said Buckner, personally appeared in court and relinquished her right of dower to the conveyed lands.  Recorded Mar 16, 1775.

Halifax County Deed Book 10 (1775-1778)[8]

Page 34.  Jun 3, 1775 From William Carter of Halifax County, to Buckner Russell of Halifax, for 75 s8 and for divers other good causes, about 188.5 acres in Halifax County on Toby Creek, and bounded by the land of William Russell, it being part of said Russell's tract of land which he laid off to his son, Buckner Russell ( and was sold to William Carter by said Buckner Russell, and now conveyed back from the said Carter to the said Russell again).  The land is also bounded by the land of Ralph Griffins and by the land of Banister Harper (formerly the property of Alexander Douglas) and by the lands of John Lawson "&c &c", it being part of 400 acres patented by said William Russell "&c".  Signed:  William Carter.  Witnesses:  John Bates, Charles Wall, Elizabeth Wall, Hopkins Muse.  Recorded: Nov 16, 1775.

Page 181.  Feb 8, 1777 from Buckner Russell and Racheal, his wife, of Halifax County, to Banister Harper of Halifax, for 100, one certain tract of land in Halifax, and bounded by said Harper, Ralph Griffin, the estate of William Russell, John Lawson, about 188.5 acres.

Signed:  Buckner Russell, Racheal Russell.  Witnesses:  William Peters Martin, Mary Dudley, Eliza Martin.  Recorded May 15, 1777.  Racheal voluntarily relinquished her right of dower to the lands conveyed.

Notes from the Russell Register

The Russell Register has been most valuable in my investigation of the Russell line of our family.  Although there are a few errors in the information, it is essentially correct and much of it has been verified through my own research as indicated in the previous pages.  There are numerous clues in these notes that I intend to pursue further given time.

Virginia Land Patent Records[9]

By George Ely Russell, F.A.S.G

In brackets are the volume and page number of the Virginia Land Patent records at Richmond, VA.

CHARLES RUSSELL among head rights claimed by Richard Buckner, who was granted land on east side of Deep Run, Drysdale Parish, King and Queen County, 28 Oct 1723. Buckner was of Essex County. [11:289].


Submitted by John Stephen Russell, Jr., 7376 E. Ponderosa Circle, Parker, CO 80134

I - William Russell, Sr. - parentage unknown; lived in Halifax County, VA; approximate date of birth & death 1714-1789.  Wife's name was Anne. Children:

William, Jr., Anne, Sarah, Lucretia, Buckner, Elizabeth, Judith,, George, and Absalom.


Submitted by Russell Lee Shearin, 9611 Foster Avenue, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248

Our William Russell left a will giving the name of his wife and children.  We do not know exactly when William Russell was born, but would guess about 1715.  He died in Halifax County before March 20, 1777 when his will (dated 7 March 1775) was recorded.  I have not been able to verify that William's wife was Anna Buckner.  Katherine and Herbert Elliott professional researchers of South Hill, Virginia, showed the name thusly: Anna (Buckner?) Russell.  Anna most likely died in Halifax County, circa 1783.


William and Anna (Buckner?) Russell had nine children:

1.  William Jr.                                         b. c1740                  6.  Elizabeth                           b. c1752

2.  Anne Light                                       b. c1742                  7.  Judith Bennett                 b. c1755

3.  Sara Walters                                   b. c1745                  8.  George                              b. c1757

4.  Lucretia Dodson                             b. c1748                  9.  Absalom                           b. c1760

5.  Buckner                                           b. c1750


RGC Note:  This  perhaps is an example of naming conventions.  The first son named after the father, the first daughter named after the mother, the second son given the mother's maiden name.  There are many different conventions, but this is one of the most common.



Submitted by: Sandra Nelson, 4176 Daventry Road, Upper Arlington, OH, 43220

William Russell - parents unknown; d. before 20 Mar 1777; will dated 7 Mar 1775 recorded Halifax, County, VA; Wife, Anna.  Nine children.

.  William                                b. c1740 
2.  Anne Light                       b. c1742
3.  Sarah Walters                  b. c1745 
4.  Lucretia Dodson             b. c1748 
5.  Buckner                           b. c1750
6.  Elizabeth                           b. c1752
7.  Judith Bennett b. c1755
8.  George                              b. c1757
9.  Absalom                           b. c1760

Buckner Russell - son of William Russell & Anna -(Buckner?); b. c1750; d. after 15 Jan 1834 possibly Weakley County, TN; m. Rachel Petty, b. c1758, d. c1842; Children: 

1.  Elizabeth;
 2.  Margaret;
 3.  Buckner

Elizabeth Russell daughter of Buckner Russell and Rachel Petty; b c1785; d. c1826, Jackson, County, TN; m. Samuel Crabtree. Seven children:1.  Richard Crabtree
2.  Rachel Crabtree
3.  Reese Crabtree
4.  Hiram Crabtree
5.  Buckner Crabtree
6.  Joseph R. Crabtree
7.  Martha Crabtree


William Russell, Halifax County, dated 7 Mar 1775; codicil 15 Apr 1775, probated 20 Mar 1777.  Wife Anna; Children: William, Buckner, George, Absalom Russell, Anna Light, Sara Walters, Lucreasy Dodson, Elizabeth Russell, Judith Bennett. (Halifax Co. Wills, 1:174).


RR4.310 - Most of the early Barren Co., KY, Russells were sons of William and Anna Russell of Halifax County, VA.  ...their son Absalom, named as a minor in William's will codicil dated 175 Apr 1775; served from Halifax County in the Revolutionary War 1780-1781; taxed there in 1785; witnessed deed in Pittsylvania County 1794; head of family in Casey County, KY, 1810, where he had land grants surveyed in 1823 and 1836; applied for pension, Barren County, KY, 1831, age 74; again applied Casey County, KY, 1832, age about 72 [sic]; pension certificate issued in 1833 (NARS Pension File S-46066).  He and (second wife?) Elizabeth Gaines were married in Halifax County, VA, 23 Oct 1793...........

Absalom's brother, Buckner Russell (c1749-1836), also a pensioner, lived in Surry and Wilkes Counties, NC among other places.  His will was probated in Weakley, County, Tennessee, 31 Jan 1836, naming some of his children.


Buckner Russell was in Surry County, NC, before coming to Wilkes and first appears on the Wilkes Tax list in 1788 in District #1, which was in south-eastern Wilkes.  He continued listing acreage and 1 poll through 1797 and is on the list no more.  In 1794, Joseph Russel listed 42 acres and 1 poll and did so for two more years, then does not appear again.  Joseph was also in District #1, which makes it possible for these two Russel men to be related to each other.  Their land was on Cub Creek.

Cub Creek was a water of Moravian Creek, which is near the Wilkes County side of the Brushy Mountain and in fact, I believe, Moravian Creek heads in the said mountain.  By 1799, both Buckner & Joseph were gone from District #1 on Cub Creek, and District #14 was missing......

In 1787 State Census in Captain Wright's District in Surry County, Buckner Russel had 1 male 21-60, 2 males under 21, and 3 females.  In 1790, he was in the 2nd Company (Cub Creek) of Wilkes County with 1 male over 16, 2 males under 16, and 5 females and is in the census no more.  In 1787 in the same district in Surry County, is a Charles Russell.  He has 1 male 21-60, 2 males under 21, 3 females.  In 1790, Charles is still in Surry with 1 male over 16, 2 males under 16 and 3 females.  The index lists Charles on page 686 of Surry Co. census in 1800, but not in 1810.


SURRY COUNTY 1782 TAX LIST:  Pg. 58, Capt Wright's District

                Buckner Russell - 1 horse or mule, 2 cattle, 80 acres on Hunting Creek.



                                                                                |->White Males age 21-60
                                                                |               |->White males under 21 & 60+
Pg. 2; Column 1                                    |               |               |->White Females All ages

Charles Russel                                                      1              2              3

Captain Wright's District, taken by Wm. Cook, Feb 1786

Pg. 1; Column 1

Buckner Russel                  1              2              3


13 Aug 1785          Mary Rutledge vs. Henry Word.  Buckner Russel witness for both, proves 50 miles, 6 days.
15 Feb 1787           Mary Rutledge vs. Henry Ward.  Buckner Russel witness for defendant, 250 mile, 11 days.


Buckner Russell - b. 1749, prob. Surry Co., NC; found in Wilkes County, NC in 1790 Census; went to Barren County, KY; d. after 1834 in Weakley Co., TN, where he applied for a Rev. War. pension at the age of 83.  Married Rachel -Petty-.


1. Joseph 2. George 3. William (probably others).  William & George migrated to Tennessee.

INSTANT ANSWER  (To above, which in error.):

Buckner Russell was bequeathed one shilling by the will of his father, William Russell, dated 7 Mar 1775, Halifax County, VA [see Carrington, Halifax County History (1924), p. 333].  His mother's name was Anna.  His wife's name was Rachel Petty [See Bates, Roster of Soldiers & Patriots of the American Revolution Buried in Tennessee (1974), p.p. 246-7].  He died in about January 1836 at Thomas Creek, Weakly County, TN [Wills, I:#153].  Among his children were Elizabeth (b. 1791, who m. Samuel Crabtree), Margaret (m. Aaron Russell), and Buckner, Jr. [according to Bates].


19 Sep 1797           C-1:93.  James Wilson to Buckner Russel For 50, 100 Acres on south fork of Cub Creek adjacent William Gilreath and Mary Gordon.  Wit:  James Fletcher, John (X) Jones, Betty (X) Cargile.  Vol. 4, No. 4, Pg. 536


......Russells appearing in the first Wilkes census of 1790:  Buckner, Hilloval; William; and Ben, all born before 1774.  In 1800, only Abner b. 1755-1780 is listed as head of a Russell family.......Vol. 2, No. 4, Pg. 257

..... In an effort to connect Wilkes County Russells to Virginia, an admittedly limited attempt has been made at research in Virginia border counties.  Buckner Russell has been tracked from Halifax Co., VA, to Pittsylvania County, VA, in 1777.  In 1778 he and his wife Rachel sold this land and he appears on the Wilkes 1790 census.  In 1773, the Pittsylvania County records show two sales on Cascade Creek by a George Russell of Surry County, NC.  Looking farther afield, an 1802 tax list of Jackson County, TN, listed Buckner Russell with one white poll and 126 acres.  Also in the same Tennessee county, Capt. Jabez Fitzgerald's Company, is Joseph Russell, one white poll;  William Russell, one white poll and 300 acres......          Vol. 3, No. 1, Pg. 310


Buckner Russell - 25 Acres, surveyed 8 July 1816; Book B; Page 82.

Revolutionary War Service of Buckner Russell[22]

Buckner Russell, NC service, S4166.  Born Halifax County, Virginia, circa 1749; died Thomas Creek, Weakley County, Tennessee, circa Jan 1836; married Rachel Petty.  Enlisted in Surry County, NC, Sep 1780, Captain Gibson Woolridge's Company for 4 months, then entered Captain Bland's company of rangers in Surry County for 3 months.  Applied for pension, Weakley County, Tennessee, 15 Jan 1834, age 83.  Pension of $23.33 per annum, commencing 4 March 1831.

Buckner Russell[23]

RUSSELL, Buckner:  b. 1751, VA; d. after 15 Jan 1834, Weakley Co., TN; lived Surry Co., NC; served with NC Troops under Capts. Gibson, Woolridge, and Cloud for about 7 months.  Pen. Cert. #26559 S-4166.  Age 83 - 1832 pen. List Weakley Co., TN; 1834 P.W.W.  Married 1793 in VA to Rachel Petty.  Children Elizabeth b. 1791 m. Samuel Crabtree; Margaret m. Aaron Russel; Buckner, Jr. Ref:  DAR #424555. Vol. ____ No. ___ Pg. 61.


RUSSELL, Buckner                           1802        Jackson County, TN

Note:  This is a very interesting bit of information.  Samuel Crabtree and Elizabeth Russell were married in Barren County, Kentucky in 1810 and subsequently lived in Jackson County, Tennessee.  This item came from the Russell Register Vol. 2, No. 3, Pg. 235, but the original source is as stated in the footnote.  Early Jackson County, Tennessee records are scarce since the Court House burned in the 1870's.


1830 Federal Census (Index)

RUSSELL, Buckner W., Cole County, Vol. 3, No. 1, Pg. 305


Buckner Notes

These notes are for genealogical reference and do not imply that any or all the persons listed are direct or collateral ancestors.  They were developed during research of the surname Buckner.  William Russell, Buckner Russell's father, allegedly married Hannah Buckner.  Thereby creating an interest in the surname and its historical and genealogical significance.

Gloucester County, Virginia[25]

" It was a Gloucester man, John Buckner, of Marlfield, Clerk of the County, who brought the first printing press into Virginia.  Buckner printed the laws of 1680 without license, for which he was reported in 1682 by the governor, Lord Culpepper, and his further printing was prohibited."  p. 13

                "Members of the House of Burgesses were ... 1718, Henry, Thomas Buckner; 1744, ... Samuel Buckner;"  p. 15

                "Captains from Gloucester known to have served in the Revolution were ... William Buckner, ... ;  Lieutenants were ... Thomas Buckner ..." p. 16

Caroline County

                "There is a long list of men also who qualified as officer of militia during the Revolutionary period.  Those above the rank of lieutenant were ... Major Richard Buckner ...; Captains ... Phillip Buckner, ... William Buckner."  p 187

REVOLUTIONARY WAR RECORDS SECTION                                                               3-525





Washington, D. C.,_______________, 19___

In reply to your request of__________, received__________ for a statement of the military history of Buckner Russel a soldier of the REVOLUTIONARY WAR, you will find below the desired information as contained in his (or his widow's) application for pension on file in this Bureau.


DATES OF              |               LENGTH OF           | RANK|   OFFICERS UNDER WHOM SERVICE WAS RENDERED       STATE   

ENLISTMENT OR                  |SERVICE                 |               |                               CAPTAIN.                                              |               Sept 1780               |4 mos                                |Pvt|         |                               Gibson Woolridge|                               N.C.       

                                                |3 mos                     |               |                               Bland's Rangers   |                                             

Afterward served for short lengths of time - when called on but length of service and names of officers are not stated.                                                                                                                                                                               

Battles engage in,                                                                                Non stated.                                                                                          

Residence of soldier at enlistment,                                   Surry Co., N. C.                                                                                    

Date of application for pension,                                        Jan 15, 1834,                                                                                         

Residence at date of application,                                      Weakley Co, Tenn.                                                                             

Age at date of application,                                                 83 yrs.                                                                                                   

                Remarks:                                                                There is no data on file as to his family.                                          

The above noted is the only Buckner Russel found on the Rev War Records of this Bureau.      




SERVICE                                                                                                                                              Number
N.C.                                        Russel, Buckner                                                                                 S.4.166

Revolutionary War Pension Application

State of Tennessee              }
                                                }  Court of Pleas and Qurter Sessions, January Term 1834
Weakley County                  }

On this 15th day of January 1834 personally appeared in open Court before the Court of Pleas & quarter Sessions now sitting Buckner Russel of the County of Weakley and State of Tennessee aged Eighty three years, who being first duly sworn according to Law, doth on his oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th, 1832.  In September 1780, agreeable to my best recollection, which was shortly after Gen. Gates defeat, I entered the service of the United States as a volunteer, for four months under Gibson Wooldrige as our Captain, and Joseph Mossby Lieutenant.  When I entered the service I lived in Surry County, North Carolina:  Capt. Wooldridge's Company marched from Surry to Salisbury where we fell in company with Col. Washingtons light-horse troops.  At a place called Fifers old houses we fell in with Gen. Green on the same day afterwards the forces under Genl. Green had a skirmish with some British, by whom he was comopelled to retreat across the Adkins, & halted at the Hickory Ford.  I then obtained a furlough to return to my family for a few days & during my absence an (message?) was sent to Genl. Green commanding him to send forces immediately into Surry County.  After a few days spent with my family, I again joined Capt. Wooldridge in Surry, who had been ordered to keep the Tories in check, and the ballance of this four months tour was spent in endeavouring to disperse & keep down the tories in Surry, Rowan & Iredale counties.  This four months tour ended.  I then joined Capt. Bland (Claud?) a ranger, who was engaged in Surry providing subsistence for the army, and by him was placed under Lieutenant John La Cock, and continued to serve under him in this way in Surry and some of the adjoining Counties for this term of three months.  A the expiration of both my first and second terms of service, the former for four months , the latter for three months, I neither received nor applied for any discharge. 

Shortly after Lord Cornwallis crossed the shallow ford on the Adkins River and went down into Guilford according to my best recollection, which is very frail from the infirmities of old age, I quitted the service and (shortly?) returned home, and, and shortly afterwards, on the 10th day of March 1781 at night, a party of tories came to my house and by force and threats took me prisoner, and after de taining me awhile, upon my promising them not to (stray?) out that night, they released me and departed, & shortly afterwards I heard the firing of guns, which I subsequently (heard were those of?) the tories, who had laid in ambush for Capt James (Saunders?) and his sons, John & James.  These same tories when they left my house took with them my gun & ammunition.  I afterwared often served for a short length of time when called on and the State of the country required it , but was not again drafted, nor did I volunteer for any certain length of time.  I have no documentary evidence, nor do I know of any person, whose testimony I can _________, who can testify to my service.  He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except this present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any State.

                Sworn to and subscribed this day & year afore said.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                /s/           Buckner Russel


Copied from papers received from Lillian Jones Crews, July 1992.


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